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Fear and anxiety from encountering our phobias manifest in a variety of ways – fast heartbeat, sweaty hands, a churning stomach, a desire to run away, scream, cry, or all of the above. Whatever the symptoms, our phobias can be extremely debilitating.


Phobias take many forms. Some common – public speaking, performance, spiders, heights, or needles. Others less common, but no less real – clowns, or buttons, for example.


During the treatment process, you will learn how your phobias – whatever they are – affect you, and how hypnotherapy will help you release the phobia and replace it with positive behaviours.


The initial consultation is free, then there will be 3 separate appointments. Preferably, these will have a week between each of them, but this isn’t essential.

“I had a few sessions with Lynne and found her very calming and easy to talk to. The hypnotherapy helped me hugely with my negative thought patterns and I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Absolutely brilliant!”





Giving up smoking is something you need to be motivated to do. Try scoring your motivation out of 10. If the answer is 10 then you have taken the first big step.

There are 3 appointments. The first, the Initial Consultation is FREE. During this appointment, we will discuss your lifestyle and your smoking habits as well as the risks of smoking and the benefits of giving up. We can then explore how our brain and smoking interact with each other.


The following appointments we will explore your life without smoking and how that will look followed by Hypnotherapy trance. 

“…start again, living your life in a full and meaningful way”



Most people will have stress in their lives at some point. Sometimes it can be beneficial or even motivating. However, prolonged stress or stress that you find difficult to cope with, may cause you unpleasant symptoms:


  • Headaches or dizziness

  • Muscle tension or pain

  • Stomach problems

  • Chest pain or fast heart beat

  • Sexual problems

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Procrastinating or difficulty making decisions

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Forgetfulness

  • Constantly worrying

  • Feeling irritable and snappy

  • Sleep problems

  • Changes in eating patterns

  • Drinking or smoking more


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a very helpful way to overcome stress. It helps you to learn to relax and to set goals for a more comfortable future. You will also learn different ways of helping yourself to feel calmer and to deal with stressful situations on the move.



Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear. It can be mild or severe. We will all encounter anxiety at some point in our lives whether it is just before an exam, or maybe a job interview. These anxieties are entirely normal and tend to be short lived. However, sometimes we may find that our feelings of anxiety are constant and can affect our everyday life. We may even reach a point where we struggle to remember when we last felt able to relax.


Sometimes anxiety can be a symptom of other disorders such as a fear or phobia or Post traumatic Stress Disorder. It can also be a generalised thing where you feel anxious most days. This can cause a variety of debilitating physical and psychological symptoms:

  • Restlessness

  • A sense of dread

  • Feeling constantly on edge

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Irritability

  • Dizziness

  • Tiredness

  • Fast or irregular heartbeat

  • Aches and pains

  • Dry mouth

  • Sweating

  • Shortness of breath

  • Stomach pains and nausea

  • Sleep disturbances

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you to understand the symptoms that you are experiencing. Through the course of treatment - learning to relax and focus on a different approach to your life will help you get the real you back. We also discuss techniques that help in situations which are potentially anxiety inducing.

“…….you can be the person you seek to be…. the person you truly are”


Sleep Disorders (insomnia)

It is estimated that up to a third of Brits will experience insomnia at some point in their life. While the occasional disturbed sleep just results in us feeling a bit tired the next day, Insomnia can have more significant (and even long term) effects on our brain and our body.


So, how do we define insomnia?

Insomnia means that you regularly have problems sleeping and can be categorised in the following ways:

  • Find it hard going off to sleep

  • Wake up several times in the night

  • Lie awake during the night

  • Wake up early and cannot go back to sleep

  • Still feel tired after waking up

  • Feeling tired and irritable during the day

  • Concentration difficulties during the day because you are tired


Symptoms can often last for months or even years and can affect your ability to cope with life. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a quick and effective way to resolve sleep disorders and restore better sleep patterns.




We all need a boost of confidence from time to time whether it is for:

  • A performance we are a part of

  • Speech or talk we are giving

  • A new job we need to apply for

  • Meeting new people

  • Leaving the house and facing the world

  • Feeling better about ourselves


Whatever the goal, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help to improve your confidence levels. We do this by focusing on the positive things in life and retraining the brain to imagine or visualise a future where you feel more confident – how would that feel?


“….confidence in your ability to do the things you want to do”


Weight Management

Most of us have a basic idea of what we’re supposed to do to maintain a healthy weight, as well as a general awareness of the long-term health benefits to losing weight.


Yet, many of us find ourselves in a yo-yo dieting situation.


So, what can we do to stay focused on obtaining a healthy weight, in addition to a balanced diet and exercise?


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help us understand the way our minds work and the impact this has on dietary choices and weight.


It can help change our thoughts and feelings about food, adopt new, positive patterns of behaviour, and set more realistic targets on the path to our preferred weight.

Hypnotherapy for weight management, online courses are also available – contact me for more information or check EVENTS section on my Facebook Page.


(Please note; we neither weigh, nor give specific diet or exercise advice).



The number of sessions required will vary between individuals but as a rough guide:


Initial Consultation (IC) – FREE

  • Follow up sessions - £50 per hour session

  • Hypnobirthing - £250 per couple for full course

  • Hypnotherapy for weight management - £60 for 6 week online course

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